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Strathroy-Caradoc 2017 Photo Project

This year, as Strathroy-Caradoc celebrates the past, Museum Strathroy-Caradoc is also looking forward toward the future. That's why the Museum is coordinating the "Strathroy-Caradoc 2017: Capturing Our Community in 1 Year Photo Project." The goal is to create a digital collection of photographs that will reflect what Strathroy-Caradoc was like in 2017. We would like to see photos of businesses opening and buildings changing. Are you on a team, committee or board? Send in a group photo, along with the names of everyone involved. At an event, or just see something interesting in day-to-day life? Snap a pic and send it to the museum! All photos can be sent to info@strathroymuseum.ca or use the municipality's 2Big4Email Service (located on http://www.strathroy-caradoc.ca/en/index.aspx). The Museum will continue collecting the photographs until January 2018. Photos will be held in a digital archive, and may be used in future exhibits. 150 years from now, residents will want to know what Strathroy-Caradoc was like in 2017. Museum Strathroy-Caradoc is excited to see these photographs, and begin creating this record of local history, today!